Beauty Hive™ ULTRA LED Cleansing Brush

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Beauty Hive™ ULTRA LED Cleansing Brush

One safer and efficient way of getting deep cleanse of the skin while keeping the skin barrier intact is the use of facial cleansing devices! 

Unlike the Mini Facial Cleansing Brush & Junior Facial Cleansing Brush, Beauty Hive™ newly improved ULTRA LED Cleansing Brush has its own uniqueness and it has wireless charging (Who knows? Might work with your Airpods Pro too!)

Beauty Hive™ ULTRA LED Cleansing Brush is constructed to :

  • Gently massage while deep cleansing with micro-foam
  • So waterproof and designed with wireless inductive charging
  • Circulate blood flow on the skin and makes it firm and smooth
  • Revitalize the skin 
  • Three LED Modes with various solutions

Let's take a look at the LED Modes!

  • BLUE Light: Oil Control for the skin
  • PURPLE Light : Improve dullness 
  • RED Light : Reduce Wrinkle and Rejuvenate the skin 



Frequently asked questions
Can I use the cleansing brush everyday?

We do not recommend using the cleansing brush everyday. Instead, it is advised to use the cleansing brush two to three days a week which is still effective for your skin.

Can I use the cleansing brush if I have oily skin?
Why is LED Cleansing Brush expensive?
Can I use the same brush for all parts of the body?
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