Beauty Hive™ Junior LED Cleansing Brush

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Beauty Hive™ Junior LED Cleansing Brush 

For anyone with sensitive skin who's scared of scrubbing too hard, Beauty Hive™ Junior LED Cleansing Brush brush has five different speeds to make sure you're treating your skin gently while also ridding yourself of those pesky blackheads.

  • Inspired by the technology that's used on air hockey tables (yes, you read that right) this soft-bristled brush is one of our best selling items! 
  • So waterproof that it can even be used during shower
  • Different phototherapy light for different usage!
  • After fully charging the brush, the battery will live a full month, so you don't need to constantly plug it in

  • BLUE Light Therapy : Anti - Acne Cleanser 
  • RED Light Therapy : Activating Collagen
  • GREEN Light Therapy : Skin Brightening and Whitening

P.S If you ask us why this is called JUNIOR CLEANSING BRUSH, well, we still have our ULTRA CLEANSING BRUSH in the collection for you!