Beauty Hive™ Microcurrent Face Roller

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Are you looking for an effective roller for a slimmer v-shaped face and body contours?

Worry not! Beauty Hive™ Microcurrent Face Roller improves skin elasticity and restores cell activity. It tightens loose muscles and effectively lift-up and restores skin firmness.

The manual massage penetrates deep into affected tissues to stimulate circulation, increasing blood flow to shape areas and reduce cellulite.


  • Beauty Hive™ Microcurrent Face Roller is constructed in a V-Shaped Lifting Design which not only can be used for both facial and body contours, it can also be used to relieve fatigue when you feel tired.
  • Improves skin elasticity and restores cell activity. Promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism.
  • One Roller for all parts of the body! Suitable to massage the face and other parts of your body. Using this tool can help to shape facial contours, face lifting, skin tightening, and stimulate muscles.
  • The rollers rotate 360-degree to effectively massage the skin. Tightens loose muscle, strengthens the lifting effect, effectively lift-up and restores skin firmness.
  • It is compact and lightweight enough to carry it anywhere. 


  • Gently move the roller from eyebrows center to the hair line to relieve fatigue and reduce forehead wrinkles
  • Move the roller from the nose area to temples, to lift the cheeks
  • Move the roller repeatedly from jaw to ear, from mouth to ear, to shape the perfect outline
  • Move the roller on the neck up and down

Don't worry if you're not clear! You can see the instructions in the picture below!